Welcome to the Space & Place HUB!

We are a loose collective of researchers pondering (socially constructed) space and place. Our aim is to strengthen conceptual perspectives and to develop common concepts and research questions. The following concepts are central to this venture:

Space, referring to a multitude of ways to describe how we socially intermesh with our environment. The space we investigate is thus socially constructed.

Place, the type of entity we refer to by emotional attachments, memories, movement patterns, its identity; and which is often characterized by the everyday.

Information, which builds on concepts and representations, and which makes communication possible and which is exchanged during communication.

The LAB is interdisciplinary in nature and seeks participation from various disciplines, such as Geography and the wider Social Sciences, (Geographical) Information Science, Philosophy, the Humanities and Cultural Sciences, the Formal Sciences, and many more. It sees itself as a platform
  • for academic exchange on space and place,
  • for collaboration on publications, and
  • for the collection of interesting datasets, lectures, links, and further materials.

If you have any request to us as a collective, you are welcome to contact us at .

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